Hi and welcome to Little Gray Station!!

Firstly, I would like to say how grateful I am to all my previous, current and future brides who trust in me and my team to design an impeccable wedding for you. Without you, my creative force would just be a mere hobby (which I would sill love), but instead you have given me the opportunity to live and breath beautiful surroundings and create magical moments.

If I had to describe myself I would have to say that I am a self-confessed perfectionist; my mind is always racing with new ideas and in fact my mouth sometimes can not keep up with my mind. When I try and describe my design ideas I have been known to talk another language because I am so excited about creating something new and of course being trusted with such a precious job - designing your wedding! I can't say I am a visual person, I know in my mind what will work and what won't work, I don't often need pictures to tell me if something will work; however I try my best to put together detailed vision boards for my clients because I find this is an effective way to communicate my vision based on the brief my clients give me. I am happy to say when our vision boards are created and approved by the client, you then know exactly how your wedding is going to look! 

 I started Little Gray Station back in 2011 and in this time I have worked with amazing clients, found and established wonderful working relationships with industry professionals. Been given the opportunity to work with so much talent has given us the ammunition to think outside the box and design special installations. 

In my down-time I am a mother to two young kiddies and a wife; my family and I live at Casuarina a small coastal town. We love jumping on our cruiser bikes, riding to the creek or to our local coffee shop. My own personal creative force is currently in designing our Hampton style home, it's a little bit like designing a wedding, put as much effort into the fine details and hopefully the results will speak for themselves.