10 Questions your wedding photographer wishes you would ask (and not the ones the internet tells you to ask)

10 Questions your wedding photographer wishes you would ask (and not the ones the internet tells you to ask)

These are not the usual run-of-the-mill questions that you will find on a wedding blog. Lara Furst of Lara Furst Photography puts her thinking cap on and poses the realistic Qs for you brides-to-be.

How to plan your hair + makeup style for your wedding!

How to plan your hair + makeup style for your wedding!

Guest blogger Katina from Blush and Bangs Beauty gives some insight into what she sees a lot of brides miss when they arrive for their trial.


Living in SEQ we are lucky enough to have beautiful weather year round.  Regardless of Winter quickly looming, here in Brisbane we are about to enter the most beautiful stage of the year.   A perfect combination of clear skies, warm sunshine and men comfortably dressed to the nines in well cut suits.  Not to mention the impeccable array of blooms in season.

We wanted to put together a styling concept which displayed our endless Summer and although we are entering the colder months, a bright, floral wedding is achievable during any time of the year here.  Contrast against monochrome with small touches such as matte black flatware, our poolside couple are sleek, modern and young. (Danielle from Him & Her Events)


Moda Events Portside is Brisbane’s premier destination for events to remember.

Moda Events Portside has recently finished refurbishments to create an inviting and contemporary event space suitable for any occasion. An impressive location, impeccable service paired with award winning cuisine has earned Moda Events Portside the reputation to be one of the finest event venues in Brisbane. Since its opening, the venue has received many consecutive awards including RCQ Best Wedding Caterer and Best Function/Convention Centre Caterer.

Situated on the top level of Portside Wharf in Hamilton, Moda Events Portside is only 5 kilometres from the CBD and offers elevated waterfront views of the Brisbane River, the city skyline and the sun setting over Mount Coot -tha from your private all weather balcony.
Mention “The Wedding Harvest” when enquiring with Moda Events for your special gifts.”

Situated on the top level of Portside Wharf in Hamilton, Moda Events Portside is only 5 kilometres from the CBD and offers elevated waterfront views of the Brisbane River, the city skyline and the sun setting over Mount Coot -tha from your private all weather balcony.
Mention “The Wedding Harvest” when enquiring with Moda Events for your special gifts.”


Whiz Bang Weddings Club is a hub for modern couples to meet and mingle with rock star celebrants all across Australia and New Zealand. A concept dreamed up by working marriage celebrant Alana Salm of Weddings by Popular Demand.

Whiz Bang Weddings Club is all about making sure fab couples don't get stuck with a dud celebrant and a rubbish impersonal marriage ceremony. Alana Salm and her Whiz Bangers are vibrant, cruisey, funny and best of all - totally authentic people. They believe in doing things 'your' way and are total pros when it comes to creating a happy vibe. For any celebration no matter how big, small, formal or off the hook, there is a Banger for you just waiting to be matched.

At Whiz Bang Weddings Club we know that making a connection with the kind of peeps you want working your wedding matters to our couples.

A generic search on gender and location doesn’t help much with making a deeper level of connection with your celebrant.

Our goal is to guide couples and wedding aficionados through new ways of hooking up without wasting hours attending countless meetings, drinking too much coffee, blind dating your weekends away.

We’re also dedicated to supporting diversity amongst our celebrant community. No two weddings are the same and neither are our celebrants.

Whiz Bang Weddings Club has tough cookie terms and conditions enforceable to all members.

Our couples know that whatever dream team they book from either the Whiz Bang Weddings Club site or any of our hosted events, they will be getting the Real McCoy on their wedding day.

Check out our rockstar celebrants here!

Photo credits:

Celebrants - Alana Salm, Kath Tilly, Kate Veling, Sarah May Alexander, Annie Molenaar.

Photographers - Florido Photography, Soda Photography, Just for Love Photography, Frankly Photography, We are Twine Photography.

Taking the stress out of choosing a wedding caterer

With a myriad of caterers and vendors out there all offering deals and options to brides and their families, knowing that you have made the correct decision can be daunting. However, by following a few simple guidelines you can take some of the stress out of this decision:

1)      Do the research and decide on what you would like

2)      However, keep it simple, but nice – this makes the buying process so much easier

3)      Call for priced offers and options from vendors, but do provide them an outline of your expectations

4)      Then choose a caterer that displays the following characteristics:

a.       Listens and understands what you want and is willing to make that happen for you

b.      Has a track record of satisfying customers

c.       Is flexible and easy to engage and work with

d.      Offers a clear and easy to understand offering and buying process (watch out for extra’s and pricing)

e.      Makes good food!!

At Pizzantica – The Pizza Kombi,  we specialise in wedding catering and we have a strong track record in satisfying our Brides, their families and guests. Our approach focuses on understanding what the Bride really wants and then working with her and her family, being flexible in the way we package a unique offer that is just right for her and then making sure we follow through and delivery to her expectations.  

Our promise is to be flexible and easy to work with, bring great food and service to your special day, while doing this at an affordable price. Our promise ensures that we help make your wedding a memorable one!


Let Pizzantica – The Pizza Kombi help make your wedding a memorable one, with Restaurant Style Food and Service at your chosen venue. Our Cool VW Kombi Mounted Red Pizza Oven, together with our professional Pizzaiolo (Italian Pizza Chef), Waiters and Top Quality Italian/Napoli Style pizza - offer you a classy and unique catering experience. Offering: Antipasto, Entrée, Salads, Pizza Mains & Dessert and Italian Gelato.

Urban Spring Styled Shoot

Thank you to the following suppliers:

Photography - White Images

Video - Rabbit and the Bear

Planning & Styling - Enchanted Empire

Dress - Karen Willis Holmes

Headpiece - Shut The Front Door

Bride - Mille from Busy Models

Hair and Make-up - Blush & Bangs

Rings - Amalthea Diamonds

Suit - Black Jacket Suiting

Groom - Wade Boyes

Hire - Enchanted Emporium

Cake - Petal and Peach Bakery

Flowers - Gardenbird Flowers

Stationery - Yesterday Creative Letterpress

Venue - The Joinery

Styled Shoot Summer Blue

We decided on a style that celebrated the beauty of fresh summer tones where blue was the hero of every aspect as it hinted at elements relating to the sea while remaining bridal, elegant and pure. 
The venue with its white washed walls and old-world window frames created such an elegant backdrop. Using a space with plenty of natural lighting was also key to enhancing the overall look. 
In a scene flooded with gold and greenery, the aim was to create a fresh look featuring a timeless colour hue and silver tones instead, which we hope to be seeing more of in the coming wedding seasons.

Written by Melinda from white+white

Thank you to the following suppliers for your contribution:

Planning & Styling - white+white 
Hair & Makeup - Twidale
Photography - White Images
Gown - When Freddie Met Lilly
Stationery - Yesterday Creative Letterpress
Head Piece - Shut The Front Door
Cake - Petal & Peach
Catering - Cuisine On Cue
Venue - The Old Museum
Flowers - Bouquet Boutique
Furniture and Hire - Hampton Event Hire
Linen - Covered Linen
Model - Gabi from Busy Models

The Wedding Harvest Styled Shoot

As the time quickly approaches for the first ever Wedding Harvest fair to hit Brisbane, there is a flurry amongst vendors in the wedding community.  What better way to mark the occasion when you get this many wedding professionals together then a styled photo shoot. 

Everyone involved was in agreeance with the overall styling.  Clean, elegant and romantic.  We wanted to catch the eye of brides all over Brisbane, not just a small pocket of them.  

Yes, colour is amazing but in this instant we all knew that there was so much natural beauty in our venue and gown that required nothing more than some fresh white spring blooms with sprigs of native foliage.  Tied with our antique brass candle sticks and an incredibly elegant stationery suite the result was a very simple yet classic styling.

Written by Danielle from Him & Her Events

Styling - Him & Her Events    
Hair & Makeup - The Beauty Case       
Photographer - Prue Franzmann Photography       
Gown - Babuskha Ballerina    
Stationery - Love Notes Australia        
Head Piece - Shut the Front Door        
Cake - Gillian Bell Cake        
Venue  - Lightspace       
Flowers - Little Duck Botanicals        
Table Top Items  - Lovestruck Weddings       
Model  - Loana      

'How to get the most out of your Hair & Makeup trial' by Blush & Bangs

We always recommend a hair and makeup trial for the Bride; it is the perfect way to ensure you look exactly as you imagine when your big day comes around. 

Trials are the best way to meet with your beauty glam squad, have a complete idea of how you would expect to look on the day and ask us any questions or concerns you may have. 
To ensure you get the best result from your hair & makeup trial the key is to come prepared!

•    Bring in image references and start an inspiration board – look in bridal magazines, Pinterest, Wedding catalogues etc. Images of hair and makeup but also flowers, colour schemes will help us create a unique look for you and tie it all into your personal style. Try to identify what it is you like about the hair and makeup in the images and take into account your skin tone and hair texture and length. There are about 100 ways to do a smokey eye and a natural eye so images always bring light to just how smokey you are wanting to go! 
•    Come with clean dry hair with minimal to no product in it so we are able to start from a clean base and create the perfect style. 

•    Wear white or soft neutral coloured clothing on the day of the trial so you can see how the hair and makeup looks against it- will allow you to imagine how you will look in your dress on the day
•    It’s a great idea to schedule your trial on the day of your engagement shoot, hen’s night or a special night out. 
•    If you intend on having a spray tan on your wedding day it is always a good idea to have one for the trial, if you haven’t selected a tanning technician we can provide you with that service and can come to your house or hotel! 
•    Bring a supportive friend or bridesmaid, someone that you can rely on to give an honest and helpful opinion but also share the special experience with you 

Written by Katina from Blush & Bangs

Introducing Enchanted Empire

At Enchanted Empire we are a full in-house creative agency, based on the belief that any idea is possible.

Based in Brisbane, we are a highly sought after styling agency with attention to detail, colour matching, custom event graphics,  textiles and textures, fabrication, lighting and floristry, being our teams speciality. Nothing short of perfection, our Head Stylists and Creative Directors, Shae and Brooklyn, pride themselves on offering a service that is backed up by years of industry experience and expertise and is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our in-house team consists of qualified Wedding Planners, Event Coordinators, Visual Merchandisers, Florists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Stationers along with a Prop and Arts Department. Having everything under one roof means we can quality control our theming and finishes, whilst ensuring a smooth transition leading up to and on the day of your event. Understanding the logistics in each event is crucial to the execution, along with our experienced team, you can be assured that we will bring your visions to reality ensuring that your event is as individual and as unique as you are. We want your event to be an occasion to be remembered and one that will be talked about for years to come.

Our team is renowned for its ability to infuse each of our client’s personalities into their individual events. We orchestrate mesmerizing corporate galas, romantic weddings and private soirees that take your vision and turn them into reality. We are abreast of all the latest local and international trends, but also enjoy pushing the envelope and exploring new ideas in the event space. Whether you are a bride and groom, corporate client or planning that special event, you can breathe easy knowing that by hiring an Enchanted Empire events specialist you are hiring one of the industries most creative and innovative companies. 

Written by Brooke from Enchanted Empire

'10 Secret Tips for Creating a Beautiful Wedding Bar' from Gathering Events

1.    The menu
Take time to create a custom and delicious menu that reflects both partners. Through your menu, tell a story of special moments you have shared, your favourite red wine and even that local brewery you visited together.  

2.    Sweet words… 
When planning your wedding and all of the beautiful stationery that comes along with it – don’t forget a bar menu and bar sign. These little extra’s will ensure you’re bar is a part of the day. 

3.    A glass is not just a glass… 
Guests will have a glass in their hand for most of the day (and night), so make sure this often overlooked element is well-thought-out. Consider a stemless glass option, crystal glassware, a colour-pop range, and even novel glasses – guests LOVE them!  

4.    Cocktails! 
Treat your guests with a little cocktail surprise. Make sure it has meaning, celebrates a special moment or even matches your wedding style and theme. A cocktail on arrival, a dessert cocktail, or even a late night cocktail on the menu will be a highlight for guests. 

5.    The beauty in BYO
Being able to provide your own beverages for the big day means you can select exactly what you would like on your menu, weather it the latest craft beer or the full range of white wines from the vineyard where you first met. These personal touches change a drink into an experience. 

6.    Dress up your drinks
This is such an easy way to add some fun and theming to the bar. Consider edible flowers, novel straws, garlands, tassels, signage, cotton candy, doughnut toppers, fresh fruits, rose buds and sprinkles.

7.    Big Blooms
Fresh florals make the world of difference when styling your bar. Try arrangements of various sizes and even a garland. To add a little something extra, save some of the petals as pretty garnishes when serving champagne.  

8.    Stylish Bar Tenders
Your bar tenders will bring the bar to life. What is a bar without charming, experienced and professional bar tenders that genuinely care about your special day and that your guest’s glasses are always full. 

9.    Whisky…pure liquid gold
Offering a whisky bar or a late note whisky menu is such a special way for the groom and his groomsman to share a special time together, and it will also allow your guests to slow down and enjoy the beauty of sharing a drink with friends.  

10.    Light it up
Show your guests the light by bringing the bar to light with some clever lighting options. Hanging pendant lightings, letter lights spilling out ‘B A R’ or even a back drop of fairy lights will ensure the bar steals the show. 

Written by Gathering Events

'7 Tips for a Festival Style Wedding' from The Photo Booth Guys

Hitting a festival during the summer months is most people’s idea of a good time… so why not plan a wedding around the same idea?

Festival-style weddings have been on the rise for some years now. Couples have continued to throw off staid conventions in favour of more relaxed celebrations, and Lisa and Rich here are one such couple. Aren’t they cute?

We were lucky enough to be a part of their gorgeous festival-style wedding earlier this year. So how do you go about having a cracking festival wedding? Let’s a have a nose around Lisa and Rich’s big day to get some ideas for for the necessary ingredients…

Festivals need room to breathe, so warehouses, barns, parks or fields work well for that casual al fresco vibe. Werribee Park was the glorious location chosen by Lisa and Rich, and has a good selection of spaces and venues available for weddings, including a plush hotel and spa.

Our good pals The Style Co were in charge of putting this one together. Setting up a beautiful party in a field is no mean feat but these guys are dab hands and make it look like a breeze. It’s all in the details…

Plenty of great lighting is essential for the festival wedding party, so as the sun dips the atmosphere increases… festoon lights, lanterns, torches, fire pits, candles – the more the merrier, although some venues aren’t cool with anything fire-related!

Some sort of shelter makes for a cosy feel to the evening, while retaining the outdoorsy feel. Gas or electric heaters could be included, depending on your location, for grandma and the less warm-blooded of your guests.

While you can pop your festival wedding near an existing bad location, having an outdoor bar keeps the essentials within easy reach! Atmosphere is often boosted by keeping everyone together while giving them options for different spaces to hang out in.

Being outside for a long time can get wearying. Having a nice sit-down between key moments of your ceremony or reception keeps guests fresh and happy.

Yeah we would say that wouldn’t we! Once you’ve gone to all that trouble creating the perfect day, you’ll need heaps of photos to remind you of every single moment and to bore friends and relatives with for years to come. Let’s see what kind of thing you can expect from the booth, here with our deluxe Hedge backdrop!






So there we have it, a fabulous festival wedding pulled off with aplomb. For more ideas, check out our post on Hamish and Kristin’s wedding, have a browse through our Instagram, Facebook (UK or Australia) or Pinterest pages, or get in touch for a chinwag about all the cool stuff we can do for your big day.

Written by Sophie from The Photo Booth Guys

White Magazine

Issue 33 is white magazine’s brightest issue yet. They’ve injected their pages with an abundance of happiness, bringing readers a theme around the wonderful emotion that is joy!

“We really wanted to bring the fun back into wedding planning, and, in particular, we hope that couples will remember to always have fun with their lover. Joy is a choice we all have and through all circumstances, the difference a smile, a touch or your frame of mind can make is huge. So we’re inviting couples to choose joy!” shares editor Carla Burrell.

Set in a wondrous colour palette of muted brights, this Spring edition welcomes an awe-inspiring mix of eclectic wedding features from the talents of renowned wedding photographers Beck Rocchi, Logan Cole, Finch & Oak Wedding Co., Ben Adams, Heart and Colour and The Robertsons. There’s truly something to inspire everyone, with wedding themes ranging from whimsical circus, playful Palm Springs and modern glamour, to rustic woodland, earthen elopement and traditional elegance.

Their fashion shoot is the height of wedding dress inspiration, with feminine, flowing designs by Suzanne Harward, The Babushka Ballerina, Georgia Young Couture, Grace Loves Lace, Corston Couture, Judy Copely Couture, Helen Constance, Karen Willis Holmes and Love Marie. You may just recognise the glowing face of Emma (Wiggle) Watkins pirouetting and plieing around a warehouse scene, followed by the lens of Lara Hotz. 

While the team has prepared a smorgasbord of ideas and imaginings for weddings, as always, white is about so much more than just the “day”. They offer a new understanding of joy and how it requires choice and careful cultivation between two people who are dedicated to an eternity together. 

About White
Here, white magazine’s editor, Carla Burrell, shares the ins and outs of running her passionate wedding and relationship publication.

What is the driving force behind white magazine?
This might seem a little cheesy, but we honestly love “love”! Looking past the pretty pages, I hope you see that what we are creating is a catalyst for positive change in the culture of marriage and relationships. Every marriage touches the lives of more than the two involved and I see it a total privilege to be invited into so many homes (not me personally) and walk this journey with couples. I hope it makes them excited about creating a beautiful celebration to kick-start an amazing committed marriage. 

What will couples gain from bringing white magazine into their wedding planning journey?
We want to dream and celebrate it all with you. But more importantly, challenge you, laugh and cry with you and always point you home. We’ll be here as you discover that home is a person, not a destination and we hope that we’re here to help you create a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day. I have the honour of hand-selecting weddings with beautiful images that I believe offer inspiration and beauty that goes beyond just the “things” you can see, but also meaningful conversations on life and love. We hope you see that marriage is so much more than the wedding day … it’s the starting point for ALL the days after.

How do you keep white fresh, providing new inspiration for readers in every issue?
On the aesthetic side, we have levels of filters for each issue starting with an overall theme and colour palette where I set the mood and tone that everything comes out of. I also get to work with our talented creatives and engaging writers who also put their hearts into what they do. We are always trying to look past current trends to what could be—to create something that’s forging new paths.
On the content side, we work with a key focus like this issue’s ‘Joy’ theme that underpins all our editorial and imagery. It’s fun weaving everything together creating a seamless journey through the pages. I think so often that the “serious” stuff is glossed over and perhaps even avoided, but we offer genuine and honest pieces that you can relate to.

What role do you play in the creation of every issue?
I bring the heart and vision that sets the tone for each issue, though this is definitely in collaboration with our team. I love all things creative and set the visual direction for each issue. I also work with our creative contributors and white’s fashion editorials are my “other” baby. It’s not hard looking at pretty dresses but it isn’t unusual for me to be selling ads one minute, using Indesign the next or be sitting alongside our designers as they create the magic you see before you.

What is your most important piece of advice for engaged couples?
The destination isn’t a particular day or moment in your relationship; this is a journey you are on together. Be patient, always talk and choose to love.

White Magazine will be at The Wedding Harvest on Sunday 6th November at Lightspace in Brisbane. Tickets will be on sale soon!

Introducing Cuisine On Cue

As a leading Brisbane wedding catering company, our simple and elegant cuisine will stir conversation. Fresh local produce and quality ingredients are combined to create the best in taste and presentation, served to your guests by our professional wait staff.

Our wedding coordinators will work closely with the bride and groom to explore and select the right menu to complement your wedding style, theme and budget. Whether you desire a cocktail reception, a generous buffet or perhaps an on-trend banquet dinner, our menu offerings will provide your wedding with unforgettable sophistication, elegance and presentation.

Cuisine on Cue understands that your special day requires personalised attention on every front, so we are dedicated to extending our offerings far beyond catering. As a Brisbane based, full service catering company, our professional wedding planners work with our industry partners to organise everything from wedding photographers, flower arrangements, event styling entertainment and every other detail to make your day truly memorable.

We are proud to work with a number of wonderful function venues in Brisbane. Our wedding catering team prides ourselves on the ability to flawlessly execute any function: backyards and beaches are no exception. Should you have your heart set on a beach wedding or a celebration on the family property, our staff will be more than happy to assist in the hire and set-up of marquees, lighting and other equipment for your wedding.

Cuisine on Cue look forward to working together with you to make your special day an unforgettable celebration. Say “I do” to Brisbane’s best wedding caterers and contact us today.