CHOOSING YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS (with Nicole from Stem Design)

We have been so inspired lately by the trends we are seeing in terms of floral design. Did you know that being in the presence of flowers has actually been proven to directly contribute to your levels of happiness, energy and enthusiasm?! It has been so refreshing to see floral styling being embraced wholeheartedly by brides who understand the amazing ambience and impact that can be created by gorgeous flowers. 

With so much inspiration it can be overwhelming when the time comes to organise your wedding flowers. We spoke to the always lovely Nicole from Stem Design, to get her invaluable insight into the current floral trends, budgeting and planning for your day.

Why is it so important to have a professional floral stylist on board?

N: Flowers can take the styling of any event to the next level. They are the most important 'soft furnishing' you can add to your day.

Almost every bride will carry flowers on her wedding day. Your bouquet will be in more then half of all of your wedding photos, so you want them to be the best representation of your style and personality.

Good quality is not only about the flowers themselves. You want to choose a florist that is also great at working with colour, texture, seasonality and design. That way your flowers will become an integral part of your whole look and the atmosphere for the entire day, from your ceremony through to your reception, will be cohesive.  
At what stage of my wedding should I book my florist?

If you are a true lover of all things floral, and flowers will play a big part in your wedding day, it is a good idea to get in as early as possible with your chosen florist. 

Like all good wedding vendors, your florist can book out well in advance of your day, so it is best to start a dialogue with them as soon as you can.

It can be helpful to have your venues and gowns chosen first, then we can recommend florals that will work perfectly with your chosen space and dress style/fabric, but this isn't an absolute must.

What kind of costs are involved/ how much of my budget should I set aside for my wedding flowers?

There is no golden rule with costings for weddings, especially with wedding flowers. They may be a priority for some and not for others. We find that our brides tend to work on a 10% ratio when it comes to budgeting for there florals. This is a percentage of your overall wedding budget. I.e, if your wedding budget were $50,000, your flowers would sit at approximately $5,000.00.

Items that are usually included for your 10% spend include, your bridal party flowers - bouquets and buttonholes, and ceremony and reception flowers.

This figure can change for any number of reasons. For example, if you have a larger then average bridal party, or if you have a large guest list with the intention of using florals throughout your styling, or you wish to heavily feature flowers at your ceremony, this can alter your final spend. Flower varieties are also widely priced differently based on availability and type. There are many variables, but the 10% guide is a good starting point to work from. It is important also to be honest with your suppliers. We can hang flowers from every surface in sight but we like to be realistic about what you love and what you would like to spend for your day.

What kind of trends are you seeing at the moment in terms of flower arrangements?

People are no longer scared of using colour. In fact it seems to be the brighter the better at the moment. Brides are choosing to carry bright and bold colour combinations as opposed to the traditional all white bouquet.

Ceremony trends have really moved towards freestanding feature florals, like arbours decorated with flowers and reception florals including floral backdrops and floral canopies are also very popular for 2015/2016.

Many of our couples are being a little more strategic with their budgets as well when planning for their reception flowers. Instead of adding lots of smaller vessels through out the venue for dry bars, coffee tables, dining tables etc, they seem to prefer larger feature pieces. This gives your room styling greater visual impact, and is especially noticeable in your photos. 

What is the most rewarding part of being a floral stylist?

The people we meet is by far the most rewarding part of this career. 

I love working with flowers and love creating something new every week but the main reason I continue with the late nights and very early mornings, is because I love helping people achieve the look they have for their day. 

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Nicole at The Wedding Harvest - it's safe to say we are a little obsessed with her work!

Love, the Harvest team x