Wedding Hair + Makeup : with Studio Eleven

Having the perfect hair, skin and makeup for your wedding day is something that every bride dreams about.  However, there is a lot of preparation and planning that needs to be considered before your special day.  We have spoken to one of our very talented Harvest vendors, hair and makeup artist Aleisha from Studio Eleven.  She has some great tips and tricks to help you feel and look beautiful on your wedding day.

Hair Care
We recommend getting a haircut or trim 6 weeks out from your day for your hair to look its best.  If you want the illusion of thick, long, luscious hair, hair extensions or a hairpiece is a great option.  It would be best to talk to your hair stylist and organize this approximately 3 weeks out from the day.  If you are planning on colouring your hair before your wedding day, it is best to do this about 1 week before, so that it has some time to settle and look its best.

Skin Care
Preparing your skin for your wedding day is a very important step that can be looked over by many brides.  Your skincare preparation can determine how your makeup looks and sits on your skin on the day.  These preparations should start about 10 weeks out from your wedding day and continue through to the lead up of your big day.  Facials, microdermabrasion treatments and moisturizing are your number one priorities to ensure your complexion is looking its best.  Using paw paw or lip balm on your lips every day will prepare your lips for that important first kiss!  Completing this step will also ensure that any lipstick or gloss will last a lot longer on your lips.  Another optional step is a natural spray tan; this can give your skin an even complexion and the glow every bride wants on their wedding day.

Make Up
Choosing a make up look to suit your wedding, your dress and your personality is a major step in your preparations.  We highly recommend speaking to a professional and having a make up trial before your day to ensure that you are 100% happy with your look on the day.