In celebration of our Samantha Wills VIP tipi tickets going on sale this week, we took ten with Samantha to ask her some very important questions…..

1.    Who/What inspires your bridal collection?

For the bridal collections, while we have some more traditional pieces in the line, the collections overall are inspired by a non traditional bride – the pieces, I hope, are a reflection of the jewellery she wears everyday, but with a tiny bit more sparkle… I think it’s really important that what you wear on your wedding day is an extension of your personal style. 

2.    Why did you see the bridal range as an important expansion for the brand?

It became very important, very quickly! We found that the girls who followed & were invested in our brand all got to a time in their lives where they were getting married or were being a part of weddings and they were asking for customized SW pieces – so it presented itself very organically.

3.    Bohemian, Luxe, Unconventional…what other characteristics, define an SW Bride? 

They pretty much sum it up! The SW bride is also very inclusive with her bridal party – usually if the bride is wearing SW, her bridesmaids will be as well – she usually selects SW for her bridesmaids as their gift – which I think is a beautiful gesture. 

4.    What looks are currently dominating the bridal scene and how is this reflected in your collection?

Brides are forgoing a traditional veil for a metal based or jewelled headpiece, we are having a lot of interest in this category at the moment. As the FINE trend continues, we are seeing a lot of our brides layering fine, crystal set rings for their special day. 

5.    What are some of your favourite wedding movies and have they inspired your designs? 

Oh I love a wedding movie! I would say they inspire the collections – but they definitely get me more excited about the category! Some of my all time fav wedding films are: My Best Friend’s Wedding & Father of the Bride.

6.    Fine jewellery is a huge trend at the moment, what are your thoughts on fine jewellery for a bride rather than costume? And what do you prefer? 

I love FINE jewellery mixed in with costume. If you are not a big jewellery person, I think FINE adds a perfect amount of glitter – just a sprinkling… I think FINE rings are perfect for a bride – as you want the focus to be on your engagement & wedding band. 

7.    If you were getting married tomorrow and had to pick one piece of jewellery to wear, what would it be and why? 

I think earrings are the most important. Earrings frame the face & you can wear small ones or statement – whatever suits your style. 

8.    Say it's 2010 and you're getting married – what would we have seen you in?

Haha! This is a great question! I don’t think my accessories would have changed that much. My dress probably would have been very lace heavy & a lot more fancy than it would be today. 

9.    What are key pieces bridesmaids should look for? 

I like statement rings for bridesmaids – it’s a nice addition to compliment the flowers, and as with the bride – definitely earrings. 

10. Where is your ideal wedding location? Australia or New York? 

I think Australia… it’s home. However my boyfriend is American, so we kind of need somewhere that’s a little bit more central – my ideal would be a cliff top in Big Sur California. 

11. Beach honeymoon or European getaway?

Tropical – for sure!!!