'How to get the most out of your Hair & Makeup trial' by Blush & Bangs

We always recommend a hair and makeup trial for the Bride; it is the perfect way to ensure you look exactly as you imagine when your big day comes around. 

Trials are the best way to meet with your beauty glam squad, have a complete idea of how you would expect to look on the day and ask us any questions or concerns you may have. 
To ensure you get the best result from your hair & makeup trial the key is to come prepared!

•    Bring in image references and start an inspiration board – look in bridal magazines, Pinterest, Wedding catalogues etc. Images of hair and makeup but also flowers, colour schemes will help us create a unique look for you and tie it all into your personal style. Try to identify what it is you like about the hair and makeup in the images and take into account your skin tone and hair texture and length. There are about 100 ways to do a smokey eye and a natural eye so images always bring light to just how smokey you are wanting to go! 
•    Come with clean dry hair with minimal to no product in it so we are able to start from a clean base and create the perfect style. 

•    Wear white or soft neutral coloured clothing on the day of the trial so you can see how the hair and makeup looks against it- will allow you to imagine how you will look in your dress on the day
•    It’s a great idea to schedule your trial on the day of your engagement shoot, hen’s night or a special night out. 
•    If you intend on having a spray tan on your wedding day it is always a good idea to have one for the trial, if you haven’t selected a tanning technician we can provide you with that service and can come to your house or hotel! 
•    Bring a supportive friend or bridesmaid, someone that you can rely on to give an honest and helpful opinion but also share the special experience with you 

Written by Katina from Blush & Bangs