Introducing Rabbit and the Bear Wedding Films

We are Rabbit and the Bear. 

When we dreamt up Rabbit and the Bear it was about balance. It was our vision to develop a company that fulfilled both of our creative needs as well as deliver something of absolute substance. We want our films to breathe, and in order to create a living work of art we approach every film as a brand new challenge.

It hasn’t happened yet but we genuinely don’t think we could produce the films we do without genuinely liking our couples. We believe it’s that first meet that helps the story flow so well on the day. From the opening formalities to the closing hugs, that initial bond lets us float around you like old friends and produce something you’ll keep forever.

It’s a constantly changing industry and we are aware of that. There are things on the horizon which we are looking at to further ourselves creatively so we can offer even more to our clients as standard. But for now being ourselves, meeting new couples and just genuinely loving everything about them and what they have planned for their wedding is paramount.

Andrew & Jordyn