Whiz Bang Weddings Club is a hub for modern couples to meet and mingle with rock star celebrants all across Australia and New Zealand. A concept dreamed up by working marriage celebrant Alana Salm of Weddings by Popular Demand.

Whiz Bang Weddings Club is all about making sure fab couples don't get stuck with a dud celebrant and a rubbish impersonal marriage ceremony. Alana Salm and her Whiz Bangers are vibrant, cruisey, funny and best of all - totally authentic people. They believe in doing things 'your' way and are total pros when it comes to creating a happy vibe. For any celebration no matter how big, small, formal or off the hook, there is a Banger for you just waiting to be matched.

At Whiz Bang Weddings Club we know that making a connection with the kind of peeps you want working your wedding matters to our couples.

A generic search on gender and location doesn’t help much with making a deeper level of connection with your celebrant.

Our goal is to guide couples and wedding aficionados through new ways of hooking up without wasting hours attending countless meetings, drinking too much coffee, blind dating your weekends away.

We’re also dedicated to supporting diversity amongst our celebrant community. No two weddings are the same and neither are our celebrants.

Whiz Bang Weddings Club has tough cookie terms and conditions enforceable to all members.

Our couples know that whatever dream team they book from either the Whiz Bang Weddings Club site or any of our hosted events, they will be getting the Real McCoy on their wedding day.

Check out our rockstar celebrants here!

Photo credits:

Celebrants - Alana Salm, Kath Tilly, Kate Veling, Sarah May Alexander, Annie Molenaar.

Photographers - Florido Photography, Soda Photography, Just for Love Photography, Frankly Photography, We are Twine Photography.