10 Questions your wedding photographer wishes you would ask (and not the ones the internet tells you to ask)



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It’s so hard choosing a wedding photographer - it feels like there are so many who look kind of the same, but there are questions you can ask to help you make the best decision to suit your awesome day. Here’s 10 questions to help differentiate photographers!


1) When will you pose me or tell me to do something?

Some photographers are documentary photographers and won’t pose you at all on the day, others will pose you only a little bit in portraits, others will talk you through posing in getting ready and portraits. It’s really important to ask this so you don’t get any surprises on the day!

2) How long do you think we should set aside for portraits?

Some photographers think that 2 hours is a great amount of time for them to do their best work - others work in a smaller amount of time. Not everyone is the same and it’s great to ask before you put your timeline together!

3) How much retouching do you do? 

Not every photographer will make you look like Kate Moss. If you have any special requests, it’s best to ask before you book!

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4) Who holds copyright of the images and what does this mean?

Some photographers will allow you to use images for business purposes, others withhold this. If you have a particular use of your images in mind, make sure you check!

5) Are there any additional costs for your services on the day?

It’s true, a hungry photographer is no photographer at all. Do they require feeding? Do you have to buy products? 

6) Could we see a full wedding gallery?

Whilst wedding portfolios are a great way to get to know a photographer’s work, most of us don’t include things like family portraits or the huge variety of images in a wedding day. So seeing a full gallery gives you a better idea of what is important to the photographer and what you are likely to receive.

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7) Where will you walk in the ceremony?

Everyone photographs ceremonies differently. Some of the best angles are up close and others will shoot more discreetly.

8) If my wedding coverage finishes and we’re running late - what happens?

Will the photographer leave? Will there be extra charges? The more you know, the better you know to sort your timeline and get things locked in!

9) What happens if you are unable to photograph our wedding?

Most photographers will have a contingency system in place! It doesn’t hurt to ask, though, as it can show how professional a photographer is in having thought these things through.

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10) Will there be a full set of black and white images or just some? 

Some people love having only colour or a mix! Sometimes this changes as time goes on. I mean, how gorgeous and classic are your grandparents black and white photos?

So there’s the 10 questions! Work out what’s important to you two and then ask away!-- 
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