How to plan your hair + makeup style for your wedding!

Hey lovely readers!

My name is Katina and I’m the boss lady at Blush and Bangs Beauty. 

We’re a small team based in Brisbane and we’ve been running B+B for just over 4 years. Running a small business and meeting all of the excited brides during their planning stage is such an amazing experience! 


Marrying the one you love is definitely one of the greatest feelings, and after meeting so many lovely brides, we know that for a lot of you, planning your special day can become stressful.

With that in mind, we have come up with some advice to help you to plan your look- we want you to achieve the absolute best with your makeup artist and hair stylist!

The way we look on the day plays a massive part in the way we feel, and ultimately, it can affect how confident we are on the day. I know from my own experience as a bride a year ago, it can feel pretty daunting being the centre of attention for a whole day! These tips should help you along the way…


1. What are some things a bride should consider when choosing a Makeup artist & Hair stylist for their wedding day?

Really do your research! I think the importance of how your hair and makeup looks is just as important as your dress, as it can really bring a look together and compliment your entire theme. It is one of the main focal points of the day when all eyes are on you, and not to mention, how you feel will radiate from you if you are happy and comfortable, and your photos will reflect this!

When you are looking on an artists portfolio/Instagram, ask yourself if their style really resonates with what you are wanting for your wedding day look. 

Do you normally experiment with makeup trends and try new looks all the time, or are you a BB cream and lip balm kind of girl? Both are great, but it is important to tie the look cohesively with your overall vision. Minimal and fresh, or bold and moody can be overdone or not enough. Your makeup artist and hair stylists should give you advice about your features and what will suit the look you are trying to achieve.  


2. Make sure you always book in for a trial, and come in with these tips tucked under your arm!

We always recommend a hair and makeup trial before the wedding day. 

It’s the perfect way to ensure that you look exactly as you imagine when your big day comes around, to test the makeup longevity and most of all, to meet our team and ask any questions you may have. Here are some tips for the trial:

  • Start an inspiration board- Look in bridal magazines, Instagram and Pinterest etc. for images of hair, makeup, flowers and colour schemes. Keep images for reference as these will help us create a unique look for you and tie it all into your personal style/ theme for your wedding day.

  • Ensure your hair is clean and dry with minimal to no product in it so we are able to start from a clean base to create your perfect style. 
    Wear white or a soft, neutral coloured clothing on the day of your trial so that you can see how the makeup and hair looks against it. This will allow you to imagine how you will look in your dress on the day. 

  • If you intend on having a spray tan on your wedding day, its always a good idea to have one before the trial ( at least 2 days before- to ensure its well rinsed, doesn’t settle in your pores, and that your skin is hydrated). 

  • Being honest is absolutely key! If you are not happy or have concerns you absolutely need to speak up. We won’t take anything personally! It is our job to ensure you are 100% happy and listen to your concerns.

  • We personally think that lashes are an amazing addition to any wedding day look as they enhance the eyes and really give your photos that extra little bit of glamour.  


3. What should I be doing with my skin before the big day?

Get to know your skin well and its needs – dry, oily, combination?

Always stay hydrated -cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise really well regardless of skin type. SPF is super important above all.

Use this special time to pamper yourself pre-wedding and book in for a facial. That way, your beauty therapist can talk to you about what your skin needs and offer advice on what you should be doing at home. The skin is the canvas beneath makeup so its very important to get the skin looking its best!  


4. How do I decide on the perfect hairstyle? 

Sometimes it can be as simple as asking yourself, “What style makes me feel most comfortable?”  Are you someone who always wears your hair down or up? There are quite a few questions you need to ask yourself!

Consider the following:  

  • Do you like texture and volume? Sleek or Beachy? Tight or loose? 

  • Again, research online by saving photos of brides who have hairstyles that you really like. Bring these to the trial so you can show your stylist and chat about options. 

  • The dress will really determine what hairstyle you should choose to compliment it best. For example, if you have a backless dress, perhaps putting your hair up to emphasise the features of the dress will suit.  

  • Take the weather into consideration – some hairstyles may not be suitable if it becomes windy or very humid and of course the dreaded word, rain! You may need to consider pinning some pieces up off your face. 

  • If you’re wearing a hair veil, fascinator or hair pins consider the position of these for the hairstyle you choose. We are here to help and can suggest placement for these accessories. 


That concludes the tips that we think will help you to be prepared for the hair and makeup decisions you need to make for your big day! We hope you’ve found this useful!

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