Put the phone away and picnic your way to a better connection!

Bills, deadlines, children, the list goes on when we consider ways that life can weigh down upon our relationships. There’s a lot to be said for stealing quiet moments away together, and the emphasis on couples reconnecting together is toted as the biggest need in modern relationships.

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That’s why I was pretty impressed when I came across Blue Ginger Picnics. The ethos of their business, along with being eco friendly, locally sustainable and adorably styled, (win-win!) is to encourage couples to spend time together, and celebrate the milestones in their lives.


In their own words, visible to all who look at their website, is a mission statement:

Your celebration is the reason we exist. You inspire us to create meaningful experiences that bring joy and happiness to your life. We’re obsessed with all the little things that make you feel valued, respected and appreciated.

Whether you’re planning a big traditional wedding or an intimate elopement with your closest family and friends, this journey of love is about the two of you.

And celebrating moments dotted along your life together is the perfect way to disconnect from day-to-day chaos and reconnect with each other.

This is why Blue Ginger Picnics seem different to me; why they have a unique place in preparing a styled event for lovers. They have set out to make their business centred around the importance of connection, beauty, and great food. That’s a business plan I can understand!


So while the team prepare and style everything from proposals to date nights, celebrating the two of you is what drives their business and the reason that Blue Ginger Picnics exist. Cute, hey!?

Tania Usher, the lovely founder behind the biz, gave me some insight into Blue Ginger Picnics and why we should consider a picnic as our next celebration option. Spoiler alert: I’m convinced!


Hot tip #1: Smaller, intimate weddings are a great idea

“If you don’t want to make a big fuss but still want a beautiful setting as the backdrop for your wedding vows somewhere in the stunning Northern Rivers, there are gorgeous options. Elopements have gone from being a big secret to an opportunity to make intimate memories just as unique as the most spectacularly planned, large wedding.

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Whether it’s your second marriage, you’re saving pennies, or the idea of getting your families together is the stuff of potential nightmares—a stunning alfresco meal for two is a romantic way to celebrate after your private nuptials. Another option is to splurge on a stunning dress and a photographer to capture your romantic occasion at your photo-shoot worthy alfresco beach, creek or mountain location. If you’ve decided to keep your big day simple and would like to share it with those closest to you, our team can create a sophisticated alfresco setting for up to 20 guests.” 

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This is your time together, and the Blue Ginger Picnic team ensure your wedding, elopement, anniversary and other intimate celebration is elegant, yet relaxed and focused on the two of you.
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Hot tip #2: The expectation is just as good as the reality

“Imagine the morning after your wedding, opening up a hamper brimming full of delicious local produce from around The Tweed region, without having to drive from farmer’s market to bakery to supermarket to find it all. 

As a newly married couple, you and your partner can indulge in a delicious, hand selected Mezze spread, presented in a stylish, eco-friendly insulated picnic hamper. All you need to do is pour some bubbles and enjoy your memorable moment alfresco style!”

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All the food we serve is local and seasonal. There’s NEVER any discounted bulk buying. We’ve clocked up many kilometres, through the Northern Rivers, in the journey to hand-pick every supplier and producer. Which means you don’t have to drive all over the countryside looking for the perfect soft cheese. We’ve found it for you.

There’s also an awesome idea that Tania brings to my attention, one that I think is often overlooked.

Hot tip #3: Connecting, or reconnecting, shouldn’t be reserved just for your partner

In the lead up to a big wedding, the schedule is hectic and there’s hardly a moment to take a minute for yourself, or your family! As Tania suggests, “Switch off from your hectic schedule and reconnect with the people you love…without the headache of planning it all yourself. If you’re organising a more traditional wedding, don’t forget to take moments out of your busy planning schedule to enjoy the fun wedding lead-up celebrations. Why not consider a mother and daughter picnic date in the foothills of Mt Warning, a beautiful pre-wedding breakfast on Kingscliff beach or an alfresco wedding-planning lunch with your closest friends along Cudgen Creek?”

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I think this would be an amazing idea to put the phones away, and have a group chat in real time! Or you could ban wedding talk, and just focus on being together, dwarfed by the incredible natural beauty of your surroundings.

When people dine, laugh, and experience nature together, magic happens. That’s why our outdoor gatherings – ranging from romantic sunset anniversaries to luxury ladies luncheons – are designed to get real, heartfelt conversations started.
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Blue Ginger Picnics is proud to create some of the best, award-winning outdoor dining experiences in Australia.  Paying attention to all the little things means you’re free to focus on the important stuff…each other!