Meet the soul behind the sugar!


I know, I know. You’ve been following Megan from Hansel & Gretel Cakes for awhile. You’ve been thinking how amazing and delicious her cakes look, how incredibly creative they are with those colours (and those toppers! And flowers! And sprinkles!) and you wish her Insta stories would go for just a little longer so you could stay in that moment of her perfectly organised pink kitchen for a minute longer… Oh, just me?

Well, even if you’re not quite at obsession level over her cakes yet, you soon will be! I asked Megan to answer some really, really important questions for our TWH blog, so you could get to know the soul behind the sugar. H&G obsession to follow, guaranteed.*

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Megan! What is your most-used emoji?

“My most used emoji is the crying laughing face. How positive is that! But the second most used is that weary exhausted face. So maybe I’m just a bit unstable?”

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What is your fave book and movie genre?

Book: “I don’t have a lot of time for reading because I fall asleep reading faster than you can say ‘Beyonce’. But I really love listening to audiobooks while I work. I find I go through a fascination with a certain topic and then I’ll move on to the next. My current fascination is with Mount Everest and so I’ve been listening to a lot of autobiographies of mountaineers. I’m also a total space nut so I always find a non fiction novel about space flight is a sure thing for me. “

Movies: “Again, I don’t have much free time so I don’t watch that many movies but I watch The Golden Girls almost every day. It's my favourite show of all time and its part of my nighttime routine and a quick episode helps me switch off from my hectic work day.” 

A bride so in love with her H&G creation. “You may now hug your cake…”

A bride so in love with her H&G creation. “You may now hug your cake…”

You have to sing Karaoke. What is your song of choice?

“It would have to be Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. Because if you are going to empty out a karaoke bar, go big.” 

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What is your fave colour?

“Pink. Everything is always better in pink.”

A rectangle cake, because yay!

A rectangle cake, because yay!

What is your favourite cake flavour?

“My favourite cake flavour is carrot cake with a lemon cream cheese icing. I actually don’t have it on my flavour menu as I want to keep it special. And when I say ’special’ I mean my own personal binge session.” 

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What is your phone’s wallpaper image right now?

“Oh geez, it's my dog. It really should be a photo of myself and my partner, right? Let’s not tell him about this.” 

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What sort of animal would you want to be?

“I would want to be my own dog. She is asleep on the couch next to me right now. She does nothing but sleep all day and goes for a walk at 4pm every afternoon. As soon as the clock clicks over to 4pm she paces on floor above my work kitchen where I can hear her little feet going back and forth. She will do this until I take her for her walk. She is so dedicated, its inspiring but also very frustrating. “

Hard at work

Hard at work

Can you think of any occasion you wouldn’t want cake at?

“I should say a funeral right? But the last funeral I was at had little cakes and slices and I enjoyed those very much. So maybe you can have cake at every occasion?”

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What is your favourite cake you’ve ever made?

I could go all sappy here and say cakes like my brother’s wedding cake, my grandparents 60th anniversary cake etc etc. But that would be a lie. 

I have a running joke with my best friend that I give her a birthday cake with a passive aggressive message written on it. Past cakes have read things like “I tolerate you”, “You’re getting old” and the most recent read “You’re ageing nicely”. There’s something about a cake being mean that I find so funny, and thankfully my friend does too! 



*Ok, not really guaranteed, but it definitely made your mouth water looking at those delicious cakes, right!?

Head over to to read Megan’s bio, and meet her at the Autumn Harvest on the 24th May, 2019 at The Lushington in Woolloongabba.