Whiz Bang Weddings Club is a hub for modern couples to meet and mingle with rock star celebrants all across Australia and New Zealand. At Whiz Bang Weddings Club we know that making a connection with the kind of peeps you want working your wedding matters to our couples. A generic search on gender and location doesn’t help much with making a deeper level of connection with your celebrant. Our goal is to guide couples and wedding aficionados through new ways of hooking up without wasting hours attending countless meetings, drinking too much coffee, blind dating your weekends away. We’re also dedicated to supporting diversity amongst our celebrant community. No two weddings are the same and neither are our celebrants.

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Jacki is a Marriage Celebrant who just simply loves weddings (and blue cheese and donuts and espresso martinis and travel - but mostly weddings!) She loves to meet awesome people, loves the glitz and glamour, the heart warming vows, and is not afraid to say it, she really, really loves 90's R'n'B and wedding cake!  Jacki would love to help make your wedding day fun, relaxed and unforgettable. 

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