Taking the stress out of choosing a wedding caterer

With a myriad of caterers and vendors out there all offering deals and options to brides and their families, knowing that you have made the correct decision can be daunting. However, by following a few simple guidelines you can take some of the stress out of this decision:

1)      Do the research and decide on what you would like

2)      However, keep it simple, but nice – this makes the buying process so much easier

3)      Call for priced offers and options from vendors, but do provide them an outline of your expectations

4)      Then choose a caterer that displays the following characteristics:

a.       Listens and understands what you want and is willing to make that happen for you

b.      Has a track record of satisfying customers

c.       Is flexible and easy to engage and work with

d.      Offers a clear and easy to understand offering and buying process (watch out for extra’s and pricing)

e.      Makes good food!!

At Pizzantica – The Pizza Kombi,  we specialise in wedding catering and we have a strong track record in satisfying our Brides, their families and guests. Our approach focuses on understanding what the Bride really wants and then working with her and her family, being flexible in the way we package a unique offer that is just right for her and then making sure we follow through and delivery to her expectations.  

Our promise is to be flexible and easy to work with, bring great food and service to your special day, while doing this at an affordable price. Our promise ensures that we help make your wedding a memorable one!


Let Pizzantica – The Pizza Kombi help make your wedding a memorable one, with Restaurant Style Food and Service at your chosen venue. Our Cool VW Kombi Mounted Red Pizza Oven, together with our professional Pizzaiolo (Italian Pizza Chef), Waiters and Top Quality Italian/Napoli Style pizza - offer you a classy and unique catering experience. Offering: Antipasto, Entrée, Salads, Pizza Mains & Dessert and Italian Gelato.