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Hi, I'm Eliza.. & I am Pineapple Images. I'm the photographer, the editor, the email writer & everything in between! & I LOVE it! It's an extension of who I am not just what I do..

I am my toughest critic, as every set of images I produce I want to be the most amazing & special photographs for you because that's what I would want & I think everyone deserves that.

Weddings swept me off my feet.. I never set out to predominately be a wedding photographer, the job kinda chose me.. the first looks & total elation surrounding the day is addictive.. I shoot to capture LOVE.. I have my finger on the shutter all day to document those 'real' moments..

I feel so blessed to be on this path & am honoured to have been invited into around 240 weddings now by awesome couples to capture their love & commitment..

What I really want you to know, is giving you perfect wedding photos is as important to me as it is to you...

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